Decided not to take the Job.

Job offers come and go and i decided not to take this one. The reviews are sadly just not in the place, someone came in the restaurant there and purchased 4 beers, his and her dinner and paid over $100 for it, then left a bad review due to the food and time it took to get the order done. So when I look at this the potential of having to deal with negative publicity is something i don’t want to deal with. I am not a great chef or a great cook, but when I worked in local businesses here people flocked to them, but I won’t cook shit. Seriously, if a plate of Whitefish or Trout costs over $60, it’s not worth my time. We live in a rural area, burgers and fries, and homemade shit like that. We don’t do 5 Star Food. Don’t #GetSomederp3

~Loving Admin’s new Job.

~Loving Admin got a new job today, hopefully everything works out with it. I am working at a steak/smokehouse and plan on making it good. Its $12 an hour for 3 days a week. Though the thing is I worked a lot around here in this business from high school to college and notice that 5 star restaurants can’t make it in the fiscal areas where the locals can’t afford it. So what is going to happen on this new venture? I don’t know, I have till Friday to decide if I am going to take it or not.
~Loving Admin.

Look at me burning shit
Look at me burning shit

Anime – Plastic Nee-san

There is a flood of anime on the market, some of them that has short episodes. They range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes and have some good comedian value. Though when we want to get into deep down comedy anime there’s nothing better than Plastic Nee-san. We’ve all seen the famous funny video on Youtube showing the guy who’s shirt randomly rips off him and he has a bra on, that’s from this series. I would go and watch Plastic Nee-san as soon as I can because even at it’s fullest the whole series is a quick 27 minute viewing.  So I recommend watching this at the link above, short, funny and to the point.

~Loving Admin.

Plastic Nee-San

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The Start of Something New

Hello fans, welcome to the first blog of A Channel Side B, this is a personal blog done by ~Loving Admin from the Facebook Page A Channel Side B.  I plan on updating this as often as I can maybe daily or if things are busy weekly, though I plan on bringing you new discussions of anime, video games and other things that come across my mind. Though sometimes it maybe just helpless rants on something stupid but no matter what that is.

So I hope you enjoy the blog and have fun reading it when I do post.

~Loving Admin.